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An Argan Oil infused… Hair Botox by AmazonKeratin

I recently booked in for EIDEAL’s Amazon Keratin BTX smoothing treatment at one of Dubai’s top and oldest salons, Amro Ladies Salon (specifically their brand new brach at JW Marriott Marquis, but they have a ton around town with top stylists – they also offer nail & skin services!) I love my hair botox and keratin treatments so I’ve tried my fair share. This has got to be one of my favourites so decided to share it in this month’s treatments to try.

The treatment is a smoothing and straightening treatment that works on all hair types using natural ingredients (including wheat protein, keratin, Aloe Vera & collagen) that nourish the hair, repair damage and infuse amino acids. One thing I loved about it that I never felt with other treatments was the fact that it smells good – a subtle Argan oil scent. My hair felt smoother, healthier, shinier and also adds a protection against environmental factors. The treatment started with a wash using botox shampoo, before getting the treatment applied on the hair (it smells great, but due to the treatment not being comfortable to inhale, I was given a mouth cover), the hair was then straightened (it burnt the eyes slightly, but nothing compared to the usual keratin, botox or brazilian blowouts I’ve done.), as soon as that was done, the hair was directly washed in ice cold water without any shampoo and dried – it didn’t have to be blow-dried and my hair looked like it was straightened and blowed out! PS it has got to be the fastest hair botox I’ve done.

Just make sure to not get it done after colouring the hair as it lightens it up.